So, this sunday represents the final quarter of the NFL regular season. Lots of interesting matchups filled w/ rivalries and huge divisional games! I’m intrigued by the Denver New England dynamic on who gets homefield and who stays relatively healthy for that post-season run. Also, this week brings us 2 huge divisional games in the NFC. Saints-Panthers and Hawks-49ers! I’d like to see Carolina go into the dome and get a win. I’d also like to see San Fran get even w/ Seattle from that September beatdown! The Eagles Lions will be intersting to see who goes 8-5 in a matchup of teams not expected to be there at this point in the season. Also the same goes for the Colts-Bengals to see who gets to 9 wins first and the inside track on the 3rd seed in the AFC. If you’re searching for an extremely underrated, hard hitting divisional game then pay close attention to Arizona-St. Louis in the desert sunday afternoon. The week closes w/ a monday night battle between a desperate Chicago and Dallas. Can the ‘Boys finally start closing the proper way in December or do they fold up shop once again?? This should be a great week of football….